Handan Co., Ltd.

Address:No. 82, Alley 554 Truong Chinh - Khuong Thuong Ward - Dong Da District - Hanoi City

Phone: 0246 6880 172

Email: sales.olivia@handan.com.vn


Sincerely thank you for your interest, trust and support our products. Firstly, Handan Company would like to send our customers  greetings and best wishes!

Handan Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, specializing in the field of clean room, protective equipment and production materials. We are representative and associate with partners from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and some domestic factories.

In addition, Handan Co., Ltd is also a unit producing labor protection uniforms for factories, factories, construction sites ... With diverse fabric materials, rich designs, consistent suitable for each environment and working conditions of workers. We are always proud of being the leading enterprise in production safety, health protection for employees!

Some of the Company’s main products such as: Industrial gloves, Cleanroom-protective clothing, Cleaning cloths, footwear, fingerless shoes, adhesive tape, carpet, machinery, Plastic containers, Pallets, ESD Danpla Containers , Frames, shelves, tables, shelves, cupboards, trolleys and other stationery items.

When you choose Handan, all your needs for uniforms and protective equipment will be met quickly and appropriately.

Handan will constantly improve, improve the quality, ensure competitive prices, the most unique design. With all efforts, we look forward to contributing to the success of your company.

Best regards!